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Speeding Fines

Speeding fines are a common nuisance for Victorian drivers. However, depending on how fast you were going, they can soon become a bigger problem.

With so many Melbournians depending on their licenses for their work and family commitments, the thought of losing it is a scary one. We’re here to support you through the process and help you obtain the best outcome for your case.

Below you’ll find more information about speeding fines and penalties to help you make the decision about whether to proceed. If you want to speak to an expert, reach out to our team for a free consultation today.

What are the penalties for speeding?

The penalties for speeding vary depending on whether or not you drive a heavy vehicle (a vehicle with a loaded weight exceeding 4.5 tonnes, towing a trailer exceeding 14.5 tonnes, or a bus with more than 12 seats) and how far over the speed limit you were going.

If you were caught going <10km/h – 24km/h over the limit, you will receive a fine and 1–3 demerit points. If you were going faster than this, however, you will receive a fine and your license will be automatically suspended. This is detailed below:

  • 25km/h – 34km/h over = 3 months suspension
  • 35km/h – 44km/h over = 6 months suspension
  • >45km/h over = 12 months suspension
  • 20km/h – 24km/h over in a 110km/h zone = 3 months suspension

If you drive a heavy vehicle, however, the penalties vary. Though the same amount of demerit points apply for the <10km/h – 24km/h range and the suspension thresholds are the same, the fines for each category are greater.

Unlike states like Queensland or New South Wales, you cannot apply for a work licence in Victoria.

Contesting speeding fines

In many cases, it is not worth it to contest a speeding fine or penalty, especially with advanced methods of recording your speed. However, there are circumstances where you may wish to do so:

  • You are certain that you were not speeding and have evidence (dashcam recording, etc.) to support your claim.
  • The police were not able to obtain a concrete speed for your car and only estimated based on their own speedometer or other less precise means.

Nominating a driver

Nominating a driver

Individuals are able to nominate another driver for speeding and traffic infringements. The nomination should only occur if it is truthful. Providing false or misleading information can result in an excessive fine of over $9,000.00 and even the suspension of your licence.


Companies are able to nominate drivers for fine and speeding infringements. If the company chooses not to nominate a driver, they will be considered responsible. As companies are not individuals, they are issued a traffic fine with a body corporate infringement amount. A company does not have a driver’s licence, which means that demerit points cannot be deducted. The company must determine the driver responsible and nominate them, being unaware of the identity of the individual driving the vehicle is not a valid excuse. Companies are generally issued with fines that are of a greater amount than if the same offence was committed by an individual. If a company commits more than 3 offences in one year, an additional fine of over $18,000.00 may be issued.

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