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Being able to drive is essential for your various work and family commitments. It can impact child custody arrangements, result in trouble at work, and affect relationships and existing mental health conditions. We need our driver's licence for almost every aspect of our daily life and being without it can be a major inconvienence. This is why, when you are charged with vilating traffic laws, it is important to immediately seek a leading legal expert.

The Victorian criminal justice system can be complex to navigate on your own. That's why our Melbourne traffic lawyers are trained to give you advice and support you need. We can handle all legal matters relating to traffic law, from minor traffic law issues like using your phone while driving to the most serious driving offences.

We attend Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts, representing clients who have been charged with various traffic offences: dangerous driving causing death, driving whilst disqualified, speeding, and even serious criminal matters. We can represent you at the local Magistrates Courts closest to your location for your convienence.

Our traffic lawyers regularly help clients with traffic offences in Victoria; you can be sure that we will be able to give you the best outcome for your case.

Contact our Melbourne traffic lawyers today for your free consultation!

Traffic law expertise

A traffic incident can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. We can put your mind at ease when it comes to driving-related offences. With a responsive and personable approach, our traffic solicitors will be by your side; we will keep it real by giving you straightforward and responsive legal advice.

Are you facing a drink, drug or dangerous driving charge? It is absolutely essential that you contact our legal team as soon as possible in order to defend yourself and prevent self-incrimination. Whether you obtain legal advice right away could mean the difference between bail or no bail – and guilty or not guilty. This can affect a person's criminal record and follow you for the rest of your life. A conviction – especially a wrongfully obtained conviction – can have lasting effects for you and your family and we want to give you the best chance for success. We will help you devise the best criminal defence possible, ensuring that your voice is heard.

With some of the best traffic lawyers Melbourne has to offer, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Our expertise with the Victorian court system allows us to help clients with a number of very serious driving matters, including:

  • Drink driving offences
  • Drug driving offences
  • Careless and dangerous driving
  • Reckless conduct endangering life
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Various speeding limit breaches

What are the consequences of traffic offences in Melbourne?

Some traffic offences carry fines; others include both fines and jail time. Do not go through it alone –contact our traffic lawyers today.

We will act as your legal representative and ensure you get the best result possible for your case. With our experience and expertise, we will be able to give you quality advice and representation.

We are always willing to advocate for our clients no matter what the case may be.

There are a number of traffic offences that come under this category:

  • Drive whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor
  • Exceed Prescribed Content whilst driving
  • Refuse Preliminary Breath Test
  • Fail to comply with signal to stop
  • Refuse to comply with direction
  • Refuse to comply with request for Urine or Blood
  • Within 3 hours drive vehicle over prescribed content alcohol (Breath)
  • Within 3 hours drive vehicle over prescribed content alcohol (Blood)
  • Consume intoxicating liquor whilst driving
  • Consume intoxicating liquor while accompanying a learner driver

Careless driving will not result in you losing your licence, but you will receive 3 demerit points.

According to Section 64 of the Road Safety Act, it is an offence to drive dangerously. This does not necessarily require others to be in danger or receive a serious injury; rather, the Court will consider the road conditions, the amount of traffic, your speed and the actual driving. They will then assess whether or not your driving can be considered dangerous.

If found guilty, you will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of six months and may be sentenced to prison for a maximum of two years. If the incident involved you going 45 km/hr above the speed limit, you will lose your driver’s licence for at least twelve months.

If you are caught driving during a period of demerit point suspension (three months, plus one month for every four demerits above the limit), you can be charged with a traffic offence.

If you are a first time offender, you may receive a fine of $4500 or more or a maximum of four months imprisonment. If you are a repeat offender, however, you can receive a fine of over $36,400 and a maximum of two years in jail. You may also have your licence disqualified for a longer period.

Though many Victorian drivers often confuse this with driving whilst suspended, there are some differences. If you drive whilst disqualified, you have previously been charged with a traffic offence such as drink driving or culpable driving and have had your licence revoked by the court for a certain period. This means this traffic offence is considered much more seriously than its counterpart.

Driving whilst disqualified carries a penalty of over $36,400 and a maximum of two years in jail. You may also have your licence disqualified for a longer period.

All come with varying degrees of severity and consequences. If you have been charged with any of the above driving offences, reach out to our traffic lawyers. Fill Form

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