Criminal and Traffic Law

Tough times call for strategic legal advice

With a history of successful legal representation in Melbourne, you can trust us to guide you on your criminal or traffic law matter. We will listen to and support your side of the story.

criminal and traffic law

We are criminal and traffic lawyers

Have you been charged with a criminal or traffic offence? We have years of experience as criminal and traffic lawyers in Melbourne. You can be confident that you will receive the best legal representation at court.

Our priority is to obtain the best possible outcome for you. We are friendly, fair and upfront with our service. We explain the legal process, what to expect and the likely outcome for your legal matter. We understand that our clients need assurance, transparency and efficiency throughout their legal matter.

Our lawyers regularly make appearances at Melbourne, Sunshine, Heidelberg and Broadmeadows Magistrates Court. We represent clients who are facing both summary and indictable offences.

Traffic law expertise

A traffic incident can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. We can put your mind at ease when it comes to traffic law. With a responsive and personable approach we will be by your side; we will keep it real by giving you straightforward and responsive legal advice.

Are your facing a drink, drug or dangerous driving charge? It is absolutely essential that you contact one of our lawyers as soon as possible in order to defend yourself and prevent self-incrimination. The right legal advice could mean the difference between bail or no bail; and guilty or not guilty.

Do not go through it alone. Contact our traffic lawyers today.

Criminal law expertise

It is in your best interest to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. This may be before you are called in for a police interview or when you are served with a charge sheets and summons. We are experts in advising clients from across Melbourne on criminal law matters and are confident we can help you too.

Have you been charged with fraud, theft, robbery or other similar charges? Our team can defend you against these charges. There is a possibility that you may be sentenced to imprisonment. The severity of your charge or sentence can be influenced with good legal representation if you contact us early on.

Your participation, circumstances and background must be presented in a favourable light that supports your best-case-scenario. If you are feeling unsure, unsafe or overwhelmed by your criminal matter, we are here to help you. We have a no judgement policy and believe everyone has the right to defend themselves.

We are always willing to advocate for our clients no matter what the case may be.

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